Exhibition opening at AKA Berlin

Berlin exhibition, opening this Friday! 30/8/13

Exhibition at Postcards Festival, London Highgate

Berlin Launch


Talking about the book with the lovely Josephine at Radio Gorgeous.

A Nearly Naked Nutcracker – Dallas

I’ll be having my US Launch at the lovely Vivienne Vermuth’s night ‘A Nearly Naked Nutcracker’


Screen shot 2011-12-02 at 07.57.23.pngPicture 1.png

Stockholm Book Launch

1 Dec at Sivletto, Malmgårdsvägen 16-18, Södermalm

with performance by the AMAZING Lily DeLuxe – Cover Star of the book



London Book Launch!

Book Launch at The Amwell Book Company, London 3 Nov 2011

Yesterday’s launch was a real success! Thanks everyone for coming!